Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Altitude Imagery send the customer point of contact and DroneQuote imagery?

The installer sees the homeowner’s profile and request for proposal details, including the DroneQuote imagery in the dashboard

Can the installer call the customer directly?

No, the installer and the customer communicate directly through the dashboard.

What kind of information does DroneQuote gather from the home?

Our founder’s background is in the photovoltaic industry, for the last five years. As a result, we have learned to be very meticulous in gathering the information you need to quote sight-seen pricing, including roof condition, structural photos, shade considerations, and utility infrastructure.

How much does it cost to use your service?

We charge a commission to you as the installer, IF your firm closes the project with the homeowner.

How do we ask the customer questions or answer questions from the homeowner?

The dashboard allows you or the customer to ask questions directly to one another, or the homeowner may choose to answer questions in an open forum for all the installers to see.

How many installers am I competing against?

Homeowners can choose between 3-5 installers to compete for their business.

When does my installation firm pay if we win the contract?

Altitude Imagery bills your installation firm at the start of installation.

Can DroneQuote imagery be used to put together permit packages?

Depending on the AHJ and the specific site, more often than not we collect enough information to save a truck roll to the home for a site survey.

Does Altitude Imagery offer any design services?

For an additional fee, dependent on the AHJ and installation type, Altitude Imagery can deliver professionally engineered (including stamps) permit packages ready for your firm to submit.

How does my firm sign up?

We like to partner with reputable firms that have at least three years of installation experience under their belt, have a strong drive for customer satisfaction and a job well done, carry the required licensing and insurance to install in your state/city of business and have a strong reputation in the solar industry.