Shop roofing and solar the smart way

Get 5 FREE quotes from qualified vendors with a no-risk drone survey of your property.

How DroneQuote Works

DroneQuote makes getting roofing and solar quotes easy and hassle free by eliminating the need for a sales person in your home and on your roof. DronQuote uses drones to gather all information to get you up to 5 quotes.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Assessing Your Electricity Usage

Send DroneQuote a copy of your electric bill and answer a couple questions about your home.

Step 2:

DroneQuote Home Survey

A DroneQuote pilot surveys your property to collect the needed measurements and electrical information.

Step 3:

Compare 5 Quotes from Vendors

Sit back and relax while up 5 local contractors bid for your project on our online portal.

Learn more about DroneQuote and why you should shop roofing and solar the smart way.

DroneQuote Guarantees

DroneQuote provides expert roofing and solar due diligence that will save you time, money, and stress. Shopping for roofing and solar has never been this easy.

Accurate Pricing

DroneQuote allows installers to quote with site seen confidence.

Licensed and Insured Pilots

Our pilots are FAA certified and hold a minimum 1M insurance policy.

Safety First

We keep two feet on the ground by putting one drone in the air.

No Sales Pitches

Imagine 5 sales people in your home. Now imagine 5 quotes online. What would you do?.

No Broken Roof Materials

Do you want a damaged roof? Because the old way to quote will damage your roof.