Shop Solar the Smart Way

Get 5 FREE solar quotes from qualified vendors after
we conduct a no risk drone survey of your roof.

How DroneQuote Works

We make getting solar quotes easier by eliminating the need and liability of a contractor climbing on your roof, potentially damaging your roof materials, then put you through a sales pitch. Instead, our licensed Drone Pilots use drone technology to survey your home.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Assessing Your Electricity Usage

We’ll ask you to provide us with recent examples of your monthly electric bill statements to help us better understand your usage needs.

Step 2:

DroneQuote Home Survey

We’ll send our licensed Drone Pilot to collect your home’s roof details and shade measurements such as: Location of gas, electric meter and electric service details.

Step 3:

Compare 5 Quotes from Vendors

This information is passed on to our carefully vetted vendors who’ll submit quotes with details on equipment and financing options for you to compare (with our help if you’d like).

Learn more about DroneQuote and why you should Shop Solar the Smart Way with us.

DroneQuote Guarantees

We promise to help you in every step of your solar shopping process from start to your final decision on an installation vendor. We'll provide expert solar due diligence that will save you time, money, and stress. Shopping for solar has never been this easy.

Accurate Pricing

When we help you shop for solar, you will receive accurately priced proposals reflecting the best market value.

Licensed and Insured Pilots

Drones are all the rage these days, but we’re not letting just anybody fly these bad boys over your home. Our Drone pilots are FAA Certified and insured.

Safety First

We may not be Eagle Scouts, but we certainly believe in “safety first.” We eliminate the risk and liability of having a contractor climb your roof.

No Sales Pitches

Rather than being hounded by a solar sales representative, DroneQuote sends up to 5 detailed quotes for you to review on your time.

No Broken Roof Materials

We want to protect the roof over your head. Contractors can damage roof materials when they climb up. With our service, we take away that worry.